Our Team

Level 5 Commercial Finishing, LLC proudly offers consistent quality through relationships, safety and an employee centered culture.  With a staff of seasoned professionals, we find it far more cost and quality effective to maintain a labor force with the same partners at each project. Consistency saves dollars.


Andy Bradburn, Field Superintendent

Andy has over 30 years working in the trade.  As the Level 5 Super, Andy oversees all projects, assists with bids, schedules and maintains a keen eye over the quality of our product.


Stuart Price, Estimator

Stuart graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in Construction Management.  He has over 30 years of experience in estimating and project management.  Stuart also has many years of experience as a carpenter out in the field.  At Level 5, Stuart puts together all the pricing so our estimates maximize the quality each business partner receives when we are contracted.


Nicole Nowak, Finance

As a graduate of Grand Valley State University, Nicole has 30 years of experience working in the field of Accounting and Finance.  Nicole organized Level 5 with the idea that relationships are the key to a much more sustainable business model.  Thus, the employee centered culture developed with a high level of collaboration, training and efficiency.  All the accounting functions are handled by Nicole.


Wayne Nowak, Project Manager

As a Ball State University graduate, Wayne has over 30 years of experience as an architect in the construction industry.  Owning his own construction company, and lending his experience to Level 5, Wayne is very driven to keep the numbers and scheduling tight resulting in an efficient operation in the field.


Al Sumoski, Foreman

Al has over 40 years in the trade and has expert knowledge in the drywall business.  His craftsmanship allows Level 5 to perform challenging architectural aspects of projects and elevate the quality we provide our business partners.  Al also continues to teach our team the skills he's developed in the trade.


Julius Szilagyi

Julius has developed into a Foreman under the instruction of our senior leaders.  He has ten years in the trade and is especially detail oriented with a keen eye on quality.  The energy and professionalism that Julius brings to Level 5 is much appreciated by our business partners.


Victor Mejia-Padilla, Foreman in Training

Victor has over ten years in the trade and is an exceptional finisher.  At Level 5 Victor has shown great promise of leading projects, learning all aspects of production and sharing his skills.


Dale Haveman, Foreman

Level 5 is fortunate to have Dale lead projects and share his knowledge with over 45 years in the trade.  Dale also possesses unique skills that we use to tackle the more challenging architectural designs of some projects.